Get the Best Kalamazoo Janitorial Services from D&L Industrial Services, Inc.

Does your facility, storefront, or manufacturing plant need Kalamazoo janitorial services? Are you tired of devoting time and manpower to cleaning, rather than productive, profitable tasks? Do you want to create a safer, tidier, and more efficient workplace for your employees? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place! D&L Industrial Services, Inc. has been a trusted provider of routine janitorial services for years. In that time, we’ve earned a reputation for providing thorough, detail-oriented, and timely cleaning services that help to create better, safer working environments.

We offer a wide range of Kalamazoo janitorial services, including construction cleanup, window cleaning, fabric office panel cleaning, entrance mat cleaning, restroom restoration, and emergency flood cleanup. We understand that, for most companies, time is money. Because of that – and to help maintain your uptime – we aim to provide essential cleaning services with minimal intrusion. Whether you’re a local retail storefront that needs a facelift or a huge manufacturing plant that needs to schedule regular, ongoing services, you can be confident that we’ve got the tools, personnel, and knowledge necessary to assist.

At D&L Industrial Services, Inc., we’ve been providing Kalamazoo-area businesses with essential services for over forty years. With a commitment to delivering high-quality facility maintenance and commercial cleaning services, we’re the area’s most trusted janitorial service. We know how challenging it can be to maintain a regular cleaning schedule and a steady production schedule. To that end, we alleviate the burden by providing all the cleaning labor, with all taxes, wages, insurance, and benefits paid by us. If you’ve been searching for an easy, no-worry way to keep your property clean, we encourage you to browse our site, take a look at the services that we offer, and contact us with any questions.