High School Football Season is Around the Corner, Schedule Athletic Field Maintenance Today!

All around the state of Michigan, principals and athletic directors are starting to schedule their schools’ athletic field maintenance. With high school football season just around the corner, it’s time to make sure that your turf is in good shape for upcoming practices. And, it’s not just football! Soccer, lacrosse, and track and field all require an even, well-tended surface to ensure the success and – more importantly – the safety of participants. But, what should you look for in a maintenance provider? What are the most important qualifications? Well, let’s find out!


Your team deserves the best: even ground, well-spaced striping, and well-defined end zones. When you’re looking to hire someone to perform athletic field maintenance, make sure that they have a proven history of delivering on their customers’ expectations.


Hiring a random, fly by night company to perform your field’s maintenance is a recipe for disaster. It’s best to work with a company that has years of experience and – more importantly – the tools necessary to get the job done.


When calling around to schedule your maintenance, take note of how responsive potential providers are. Nobody wants to work with a company that takes two weeks to return a phone call. Should a situation come up where immediate response is required, you’ll be happy that you chose to work with a prompt provider that responds in a timely manner.

At D&L Industrial Services, we strive to provide local schools with the most thorough athletic field maintenance in the business. We want all of our local – and not so local – teams to have the best surface possible to perform on. If you’re anticipating the upcoming season and would like to schedule your maintenance today, we encourage you to contact us!