Now More Than Ever, Keep Your Business Clean with Janitorial Services

With the entire country on lockdown due to coronavirus, it’s more important than ever to schedule regular janitorial services. For the safety of your staff and customers, regular cleaning can help to disinfect surfaces and slow the spread of the disease. All across the state — and the United States — essential businesses remain open to service the public. These businesses are a critical part of the day-to-day operations of many peoples’ lives. During this time, banks, grocery stores, healthcare facilities, childcare centers, and more remain open so that life can continue in a relatively normal fashion. But, these openings present an opportunity for the virus to spread and create a risk that should be mitigated where possible.

With regular, ongoing janitorial services, you can take the precautions necessary to keep your business’ visitors, customers, and employees safe. D&L Industrial Services, Inc. offers the area’s most comprehensive cleaning services, including window washing, ceiling and wall cleaning, restroom restoration, emergency food cleanup, and high-pressure mat cleaning. Our services aim to make your business presentable, of course, but we also strive to enhance the safety of your personnel. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a hospital, a restaurant, or any number of other businesses deemed essential, you can count on us to deliver the absolute best cleaning services available.

At D&L Industrial Services, Inc., we take pride in our work. We understand that now, more than ever, we must rise to the occasion and work to keep our communities safe. If you’ve been struggling to keep up with your business’ cleaning duties or if you’d like to take extra steps to ensure the safety and health of your people, we encourage you to reach out to us today to learn how we can help.