Prep for Spring Sports by Scheduling Athletic Field Maintenance

With baseball, softball, and lacrosse seasons coming up, there’s no better time to prep your high school’s fields by scheduling athletic field maintenance. And, while participation may be somewhat limited this year, it’s no less important to ensure that your field is in top-top shape. As the snow melts, it can leave your field pitted, waterlogged, and oversaturated. It’s essential that you deal with these issues so that your field is in good shape this year, next year, and for all the years to come. But, if you’ve looked at the state of your field and felt your stomach tie itself in knots over the amount of work to be done, don’t worry: D&L Industrial Services has you covered! Offering the area’s most comprehensive maintenance services, we mow, aerate, stripe, and tend. In short, we do everything we can to make sure that your field is ready.

But, why would you hire someone to handle your athletic field maintenance when your existing maintenance staff can do a “fine” job? Well, quite a few reasons, actually! First, your staff likely doesn’t have the equipment to do the job properly. Whether you’re improvising with non-professional mowers or jury-rigged chalkers, without the right equipment, you’ll never get the right results. Second, at a time when resources are low, it’s essential to be frugal and smart with your budget. Tasking your own employees to maintain your field may sound like a good idea… until the job stretches itself out over two or three days. A professional team can come in, get the job done, and be out before you know it.

At D&L Industrial Maintenance, we are proud to work with the area’s schools to ensure the proper maintenance of their baseball, football, and other fields. If you’re looking for a top-notch team to perform upkeep and maintenance for you, contact us today to learn how we can help.