Reliable, consistent janitorial services through employee retention

D&L Industrial Services, Inc.’s commitment to our customers is only surpassed by our commitment to our employees. Retention is critical in ensuring consistent performance to meet our customer’s needs. Recruitment of qualified employees is accomplished in a number of ways including advertising, word of mouth, and use of employment recruiters. Baseline hiring criteria is used. Once identified, qualified applicants are interviewed by the Human Resource Manager. References are checked, criminal background checks are performed, social security checks are performed, and drug screens are completed. Selections are made, then employees are orientated in our state-of-the-art training center.

As a part of the orientation process, policies and procedures are taught and employees are provided with an employee handbook. We recognize that to retain employees, certain personal needs must be met. All new employees are offered 40 hours per week plus the opportunity for overtime. We provide health, dental, and life insurance options to all full-time employees. Paid vacation and holidays are part of our employment package. A matching 401(k) and profit sharing plan round out our benefit offering. We provide regular performance and wage reviews. D&L Industrial Services, Inc. is committed to internal promotions, giving our employees opportunities to grow.

D&L Industrial Services, Inc. is currently a 24/7 operation. We view our success as being solely dependent upon our ability to provide our customers with the support they need based on their business conditions. We are leaders at providing emergency services, last minute schedule changes, and being able to provide the needed trained personnel to ensure your processes are put first. We have 24-hour emergency pagers and all managers and supervisors carry Sprint cellular phones. We have employees trained and in place to handle the “last minute” business needs that arise. This system has been tested many times over the past 32 years and we have never failed to exceed the expectations of our customers.