Energy-efficient solutions and janitorial services

D&L Industrial Services, Inc. prides itself on being an energy-conscious company and offering high-quality janitorial services, office cleaning, and commercial cleaning services. We reduce waste by using items like reusable gloves rather than disposable gloves. In the past, we have worked with many companies like Pfizer to develop an efficient system of handling recyclable waste. We also work closely with Kalamazoo Public Schools to ensure that we keep their energy costs down and have received many accolades from their Energy Officer.

For references, please contact Kalamazoo Public Schools, who can provide you with information on the cost savings that has been achieved through partnering on an aggressive Energy Cost Savings Program. Turning off lights in all areas not in use is a big energy saver and Arsenal Dispenser Systems help control water waste. Implementing these – and other – small, energy-saving policies has helped us keep energy costs down for all of our clients.